The Workshop

We offer workshop services such as full-services, cleaning, replacing parts, restauration...!!!!
Our tools are ParkTool and the use of a torquimeter in every single screw is mandatory. This way we make sure that the manufactor's especifications when installing a componente will be respected. The component instaled with the right torque will work at it's best and last longer!!!

These days with the increase of carbon use in frames and components construction, the use of a torquimeter is even more important. The tolerance of a carbon frame in the case of over-torquening a screw is a lot smaller than an aluminium frame for exemple.

Other importante allied in our quest for quality is the professional formation I had in England (visit plus "The Barnnets manual" (important mechanic school in USA). This manual is our bible and is always ready in the case of a unknown componente or doubts in respect to assembly order.

Wheel Building


The Method

We build wheels using a method presented by Gerd Schraner, an experienced race mechanic and DT SWISS instructor. He built the wheels on wich Ivan Gotti, a hill-climbing especialist won the 1997 Giro D'Italia. Cannondale had the feeling that Ivan could win the overall classification. So, Cannondale decided to send a standard bike on a seriuos diet. They took care of frame and components. The job of making the wheels went to Gerd Schraner, they provided hubs and rims and he selected DT revolution spokes, 28 per wheel, double-crossed, tied and soldered with aluminium nipples. The wheels survived the Giro and Francesco Casagrande rode the same wheels on the Tour de France mountains stage and the world championship on that year.

A important factor that contributed to such quality, rigidity and durability of those wheels was the use of a tying and soldering procedure wich was developed by Fritz Bruhlmann(Chief mechanic of the swiss cycle racing team in the 70's). In this procedure the crossing of the spokes are tied and soldered with proper materials, limiting movements between mobile parts of the wheel, making it more rigid and durable.


The Practice

We use DT SWISS PRO LINE products like tensiometer, brass washers, tying wire, solder, spoke freeze... Being the tensiometers of a great importance in bringing the finished wheel to a high standard with a precise and even tension all around. Our wheel jig is provided with Park Tool's TS3 measuring dials to enhance the lateral and vertical alinghment.

The finished wheel will have 1 year warranty. So, as long as you keep your riding style in the limits and conditions of the components used in the build. SPA DA BIKE will be responsible for any broken spokes or out of center wheels due to poor building.

We will issue a warranty certificate containing wheel information such as spoke tension, components, weight and limitations.

Remember that high end components such as hubs, spokes, rims are mechanicaly perfect and very reliable. However, we should never forget that those components are meant primalily for racers and bikers weighting a maximun 85kg. Heavier riders demand more from the wheel, having to cope with costly adjustaments and repairs at the bike shop. That's when a good wheel builder makes the difference, being able to help you to get the perfect product to your riding style, weight and performace being you a top racer, a weekend warrior or someone that got into cycling just to loose weight.


(Tensiometer, spoke freeze, tied and soldered
with brass washers plus 1 year garantee).
R$ 150,00


(Tensiometer and spoke freeze).
R$ 100,00


Want to buy a bike?

Don't know what type or model to get? Or Where to find the best price?

How about an upgrade on my old bike? Will it be enough?

If you already made yourself one of those questions than the advice service we offer is going to be of a great help for you. Everything start with a talk so we can know about your riding style. If you ride more on the road, on the dirt or want a bike to comute. With your riding style defined we will start looking for the ideal bycicle and price or the right component in case of a ugrade, without the salesman pressure for this or that model. Remember that we don't sell bikes therefore there will be no tendency for an specific model. Our only concern is that you should have as much options as you can get and then be happy with your choice.

Back Up Car

How about an epic ride? Lasting the entire day or weekend? Taking part in a race?

We offer you our back up car service(fiat doblo) containing a mobile workshop having the SPA DA BIKE quality plus spare parts(cables, chains, inner tubes...) and food (water, sanduiches, cereal bars...).
You choose the destination and SPA DA BIKE will get you there in style!!!



Are you work at comercial hour? No time?

The SPA DA BIKE go to your home!!
We Work with a flexible hour!
Hours: Mondays or fridays. From 06:00am at 12:00pm.


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